Thank you to the more than 100 people (from Palouse to Green Bluff) who came out to share their congressional priorities with me at our Community Forum in Spokane Valley Wednesday evening.

I heard from veterans, health care providers, grandparents, new citizens, and people who said this is the first time they have gotten involved in politics.

The Spokesman-Review covered the Forum – noting that many people wanted to hear from me about the Republican tax bill that had just passed.

“The fundamental reality of this bill is that 83 percent of the benefits go to the top 1 percent, and I don’t see that as pro-most families,” Brown said. “And I don’t see it as a pro-economy either.”

Brown, a former lawmaker and WSU chancellor, dubbed the bill “a missed opportunity.”

“There’s very little disagreement about this bill and the national debt – it will dramatically increase it,” Brown said.

In addition to stating concerns about the tax bill, the crowd reiterated a hunger for straight talk, collaboration, and practical problem-solving – instead of talking points written in Washington, DC, partisanship, and policy that rewards donors and special interests.

Many people also wanted to know how to get involved. Please sign up to volunteer on the website, follow me on Facebook and Twitter, and reach out to your circles of friends, family, and neighbors – to talk about this campaign and the kind of representation you want in Congress.

I’m ready to represent the priorities of eastern Washington in Congress. Donate here to support my campaign.

Warm wishes this holiday season,

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