As a Congressman, Inslee has also been a supporter of banking reform and the working class. However, his passion has been renewable energy. Jay knows full well that the future of our environment means transitioning off of fossil fuels. Jay’s job plan and ideas about renewable energy were reported in the Yakima Herald.

The plan would create new partnerships between government and businesses, including workforce-training programs and technical aid to firms seeking military contracts. And Inslee said state universities should work harder to produce more engineering and computer-science graduates to fill the demands of companies like Boeing and Microsoft
Long known as a leading advocate of green power, Inslee said Washington should be a world leader in the next generation of clean-energy manufacturing.

His support of the stimulus bill has also helped create jobs around the state of Washington. Liberty Lake is one such example. Like other parts of eastern Washington, jobs in Liberty Lake are sparce.

A quick scan of the job postings shows the problem. Most job posting show either low or high wage jobs and the good paying middle class jobs of the 70s and 80s are rare. Jays plan to put Washington back to work gives us hope.