Here is a video of Congressman Jay Inslee announcing his candidacy for Washington Governor. This was recorded in July of 2011.  Even though it is not very new, it is still very much worth watching. Also, please take a look at Jay’s plan to build a working Washington and increase Washington Employment.

Many people say that there is not any difference between Democrats and Republicans. Well . . . they need to look a bit closer. Democrats, like Jay Inslee, tend to prioritize good jobs for the working class. Republicans prioritize corporate earnings, stock market returns, creating tax loop holes for Corporations. All of these latter are not always bad, but they should never be the end goal in themselves. Well paying jobs for the working class always should be.

Jay grew up in a working class family, and he has worked many different jobs across Washington. He has been employed as a construction worker, painter, bulldozer operator, and teaching community college before he entered his law career and eventually he was elected to public service and has focused on boosting Washington employment.

Jay is the only person in my book for the next Washington Governor and we need him to help us build a “working Washington”.  His assistance creating Jobs in Liberty Lake through his vote on the Stimulus Bill is an example.

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