Tomorrow is the end of this months’ C4 reporting period for Washington State race, and both candidates are racing towards it to raise as much cash as they can.  The candidates have until next Monday to report their deposits.  Below is a fundraising email from Inslee.

Currently, Democrat Jay Inslee has a lead over McKenna.  Jay Inslee last reported $5,361,805.95 a week ago. McKenna last reported $4,653,757.37 also a week ago.

Although I have not checked, I suspect that more of Jay’s donations are from small donors and individuals.  Republicans tend to get more PAC and special interest contributions.

We knew from day one that this would be a competitive race. We knew my opponent would have a cadre of special interest groups ready to watch his back.

My opponent’s announcement yesterday that he is on pace to raise over $850,000 just this month makes it that much clearer — we have to stand united to ensure our voices aren’t drowned out by a flood of special interest cash.

That’s why I need your help to reach our fundraising targets before tomorrow’s midnight fundraising deadline.

Will you contribute $3 to help us stand strong before the deadline?

Reports like the one yesterday are not surprising, but they are a reminder that the only way we will win this race is if folks like you stand up and take ownership of this campaign — brick by brick.

I’m proud of what we’ve already accomplished building this grassroots campaign together. I’m even more proud of what I know we can accomplish together over time: building a Washington that works better for every Washington family.

But to do that we must not be overwhelmed by this avalanche of special interest cash. Help give our campaign the resources we need to compete by contributing $3 now!

I have tremendous faith in our community’s ability to meet any challenge, and I will work every day to earn the faith you have put in me and in this campaign.

Thank you for your generous support, today and every day.

Very truly yours,

Jay Inslee


PDF version: Inslee end of May fundraising email

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