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Jay Inslee, candidate for Washington Governor, asks us to strengthen our resolve to support clean, renewable energy.  Americans want clean energy. They know that it is an engine that can create jobs for Working Class Americans, and they are willing to make an upfront investment into it to generate those jobs and clean energy for our future.

Jay Inslee Promotes Clean Energy Jobs

Right on Jay! Most forms of renewable energy (and I will add conservation and efficiency) are more labor intensive than capital intensive. That means, for example, more jobs are created from wind power per dollar of investment capital. This is according to the Washington State Department of Commerce in A Brief Analysis of the Economic Benefits of Wind Power in Washington State“. Another good example is making our housing stock more energy efficient by installing additional insulation and weather stripping.

The video is from ClimateBrad at ThinkProgress.org

Jay Inslee is a person that I trust

“I will vote for Jay Inslee because he is an honest man . . . I have talked to him one-on-one and I felt like he really listened to me and cared about a lot of the same issues that Washingtonians care about. He wants to change state government for the better . . . to make it more efficient and effective.” –Nick Castrolang, Spokane, Wa

Other Stuff

We all are very excited that Jay Inslee is running for Washington Governor, and we built this web page to advocate for him. Unlike many of his opponents, he in fact grew up in a family that was working class. Jay is best able to build a “working Washington” and strengthen Washington Employment. Please take a look at Inslee’s plan to increase jobs in our state of Washington.

DailyKos is one of my favorite national blogs, and a pro-union, local blogger Seattle “YellerDog” started a DK group for Inslee.  It is called Jay Inslee WA Governor 2012 Keep WA Blue

Also, Spokane Watch is a local blog to keep an eye on politics and important issues in the City of Spokane from an independent perspective. We cover local City Council and Mayoral Races in Spokane, and also races for governor such as Jay Inslee’s or legislative races when there is a Spokane angle. Local issues such as the Spokane River, our parks, public safety, the environment, poverty, and the courts are also an interest to us.

Likewise, here is a blog to keep watch on the Partisan Republican Congressperson Jaime Herrera who won a seat in Congress. I know they would appreciate you taking a look. Cathy McMorris-Rodgers has been putting her staff in positions of power. Jaime Herrera being elected to the U.S. House of Representatives is one example.

Eastern Washington Voters has been keeping an eye on David Condon as well. He was a McMorris staffer just like Jaime Herrera, and then out of nowhere he ran for the Mayor of Spokane and was elected. David Condon promised to be non-partisan, but considering his very conservative political activity in the past we are concern.

Another good watchdog site is Rob Mckenna is not who he says he is. The site debunks some of McKenna’s claims, including that he is a supporter of working class families. McKenna’s has consistently attacked labor unions and minimum wage. ffordable Care Act. McKenna also filed a lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act, which would return us to the times when insurance companies could use pre-existing conditions as an excuse to deny coverage. It would deny many Washington families access to affordable, quality health care.

Eastern Washington Voters is an independent political membership organization. We are not affiliated with any political party. However, we do lean Democratic because we believe them to be the strongest supporters of the working class, the environment, and of peace and justice. We are a people powered grassroots organizations in a conservative part of the state of Washington. Here are a EWV sponsored blog that is part of the DailyKos Community and another one.

Amidst a conservative rural region, there are pockets of Democrat and Progressive votes. Spokane consistently elects 3 or 4 Democrats to the State Legislature, and has often had a progressive majority on its City Council. We had a Democratic mayor, Mary Verner, until she was defeated by David Condon, the ex-McMorris aid. The only two rural counties in Eastern Wa. that have Democratic County Commissioners and Whitman County and Pend Oreille County. Pat O’Neil is the Whitman County Commissioner, and Diane Weir is the Pend Oreille County Commissioner.

We also want to tell you about Democracy for America. They are people powered political action committee with over one million members across the United States. Democracy for America is working from the bottom-up to change the Democratic Party and our country. They provide training for young and experience electoral activists, organizing tools, and exposure in the media. There goal is to support progressive topics and people running for office up and down the ballot.